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Chains & Related Parts

As Officially Appointed Parts Distributors for the UK's Tail Lift & Shutter Manufacturers, we sell Low Priced Genuine Parts – Guaranteed!

Please note that all Genuine Parts come with the Manufacturers Guarantees, Technical Support & Quality Assurances. This means no compromise on Performance or Safety, just Quality Parts at Low Prices for your complete peace of mind.

The items listed on this page represent a very small selection of our Stock Holding. If you cannot see the item that you require please call our friendly and experienced Parts Advisors on 01482 504444.

For bulk order enquiries please call us on 01482 504444.

We can help get your vehicles back on the road FASTER!

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Tail Lift Lubricant - 400ml  p4tlschainlube

Part No. p4tlschainlube
RRP £9.30£8.84 exc VAT
Ram Head Sprocket Pin 10016

Part No. 10016
RRP £22.39£19.59 exc VAT
Chain Link 1500kg ASA60H 12267-1

Part No. 12267-1
RRP £9.46£8.28 exc VAT
Ratcliff Chain - 1000kg (6m length to do both sides)  1384-010-7

Part No. 1384-010-7
RRP £376.39£357.57 exc VAT
Ratcliff Chain - 1500kg (6m length to do both sides) 1384-009-2

Part No. 1384-009-2
RRP £423.98£402.78 exc VAT
Chain - 500kg 1385-012-1

Part No. 1385-012-1 (Ratcliff)
RRP £89.24£84.78 exc VAT
S2 & K2 Series Cables - Pair 16094

Part No. 16094
£64.56 exc VAT
13 Tooth Chain Sprocket 20013

Part No. 20013 (Del)
RRP £65.59£57.39 exc VAT
Chain Sprocket Pin 20016

Part No. 20016 (Del)
RRP £22.39£19.59 exc VAT
19 Tooth Ram Head Chain Sprocket  20108

Part No. 20108
RRP £77.30£67.64 exc VAT
Plastic Energy Chain 2312-019-3

Part No. 2312-019-3 (Ratcliff)
RRP £150.43£142.91 exc VAT
Chain 40ft - galvanised (enough to do both sides) 2840/002

Part No. 2840/002 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £453.17£407.85 exc VAT
11 Tooth Chain Sprocket 30007/S

Part No. 30007/S (Del)
RRP £76.64£27.48 exc VAT
Chain & Anchors 32242TL

Part No. 32242TL (Zepro)
RRP £141.86£127.67 exc VAT
Beam Chain Anchor 1500Kg 4137-279-3

Part No. 4137-279-3 (Ratcliff)
RRP £66.54£63.21 exc VAT
Beam Pulley Pin 4151-021-4

Part No. 4151-021-4 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £47.10£44.75 exc VAT
Chain Pulley Small - 1000kg 4305-023-7

Part No. 4305-023-7 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £21.74£20.65 exc VAT
Chain Pulley Large - 1000kg 4305-024-6

Part No. 4305-024-6 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £52.17£49.56 exc VAT
Chain Pulley Large - 1500kg 4305-022-8

Part No. 4305-022-8 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £43.48£41.31 exc VAT
15 Tooth Sprocket (Ram Head) 4306-014-5

Part No. 4306-014-5 (Ratcliff)
RRP £75.29£71.53 exc VAT
Cable - 8x6.5m (Closure) 4323-202-5

Part No. 4323-202-5
RRP £173.14£164.48 exc VAT
Cable - 8x8.0m (Closure) 4323-205-2

Part No. 4323-205-2 (Ratcliff)
RRP £142.78£135.64 exc VAT
Cable - 8x5.5m (Closure) 4323-200-7

Part No. 4323-200-7 (Ratcliff)
RRP £142.35£135.23 exc VAT
Cable - 8x7m (Closure) 4323-203-4

Part No. 4323-203-4 (Ratcliff)
RRP £105.08£99.83 exc VAT
Cable - 8x6m (Closure) 4323-201-6

Part No. 4323-201-6
RRP £143.35£136.18 exc VAT
Cable - 8x4.5m (Closure) 4323-198-9

Part No. 4323-198-9
RRP £157.54£149.66 exc VAT
Cable - 8x4m (Closure) 4323-197-9

Part No. 4323-197-9
RRP £129.32£122.85 exc VAT
Chain Anchor Foot Kit L/H 4341-005-3

Part No. 4341-005-3
RRP £85.87£81.58 exc VAT
Chain Anchor Foot Kit R/H 4341-006-9

Part No. 4341-006-9
RRP £83.84£79.65 exc VAT
Chain Sprocket 52062TL

Part No. 52062TL (Zepro)
RRP £94.71£85.24 exc VAT
Chain Sprocket 52064TL

Part No. 52064TL (Zepro)
RRP £83.08£74.77 exc VAT
Slider Termination Block Assembly 57784-S01

Part No. 57784-S01
RRP £21.80£19.08 exc VAT
Chain Anchor Nut 72642

Part No. 72642
RRP £3.97£3.47 exc VAT
N/S SlimJim Chain 3000mm  73689-S01

Part No. 73689-S01
RRP £242.28£212.00 exc VAT
O/S SlimJim Chain 2000mm 73690-S02

Part No. 73690-S02
RRP £222.89£195.03 exc VAT
Chain N/S - 500/1000kg 73691-S01

Part No. 73691-S01
RRP £249.26£218.10 exc VAT
Chain O/S - 500/1000kg 73692-S01

Part No. 73692-S01
RRP £228.63£200.05 exc VAT
N/S chain 1500kg ASA60 4000mm 73693-S01

Part No. 73693-S01
RRP £311.14£272.25 exc VAT
O/S chain 1500kg ASA60 2800mm 73694-S01

Part No. 73694-S01
RRP £255.28£223.37 exc VAT
Chain Link 12266-1

Part No. 12266-1 (Del)
RRP £7.93£6.94 exc VAT
Chain Anchor MV0200.G

Part No. MV0200.G
RRP £70.75£67.21 exc VAT
Chain 4x4 5/8" MV0200.LE

Part No. MV0200.LE
RRP £56.41£53.59 exc VAT
Ratcliff Chain - 1500kg 3.2m 1384-011-6

Part No. 1384-011-6
£100.00 exc VAT
L/H Chain Anchor Foot 1000kg

Part No. 4137-273-9
RRP £53.72£51.03 exc VAT
Chain Pin 4x4 2246-003-1  *WEB OFFER*

Part No. 2246-003-1
RRP £6.96£4.13 exc VAT
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