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Rams & Related Parts

As Officially Appointed Parts Distributors for the UK's Tail Lift & Shutter Manufacturers, we sell Low Priced Genuine Parts – Guaranteed!

Please note that all Genuine Parts come with the Manufacturers Guarantees, Technical Support & Quality Assurances. This means no compromise on Performance or Safety, just Quality Parts at Low Prices for your complete peace of mind.

The items listed on this page represent a very small selection of our Stock Holding. If you cannot see the item that you require please call our friendly and experienced Parts Advisors on 01482 504444.

For bulk order enquiries please call us on 01482 504444.

We can help get your vehicles back on the road FASTER!

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Ram Head Box Kit 4101-772-6

Part No. 4101-772-6 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £143.77£136.58 exc VAT
RTFS Cylinder 4471-114-1

Part No. 4471-114-1 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £208.33£197.91 exc VAT
Seal Kit  DSD050.35

Part No. DSD050.35
RRP £22.53£21.40 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE080.40

Part No. DSE080.40
RRP £29.38£27.91 exc VAT
Wire Assembly - Ram Valve E0086

Part No. E0086
RRP £28.33£26.91 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE070.40

Part No. DSE070.40 (Dhollandia)
RRP £28.43£27.01 exc VAT
Sealing Ring 3/8in K0700.3-8

Part No. K0700.3-8 (Dhollandia)
RRP £0.85£0.81 exc VAT
Sealing Ring  K0700.10X1

Part No. K0700.10X1 (Dhollandia)
RRP £0.66£0.63 exc VAT
Sealing Ring   K0700.10X2

Part No. K0700.10X2 (Dhollandia)
RRP £0.76£0.72 exc VAT
Cylinder Head  M4235.050.AG

Part No. M4235.050.AG (Dhollandia)
RRP £90.95£86.40 exc VAT
Jubilee Clip 70mm  M4901.070

Part No. M4901.070 (Dhollandia)
RRP £1.61£1.53 exc VAT
Rubber Gaitor 70x70 M4929

Part No. M4929 (Dhollandia)
RRP £16.78£15.94 exc VAT
Seal Kit - (4103) 340-24720-00

Part No. 340-24720-00 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £104.98£49.95 exc VAT
Ram Eye Assy 4-95765

Part No. 4-95765
£87.29 exc VAT
Wiring Loom for Ram Valve  4-099477

Part No. 4-099477
£17.41 exc VAT
Ram Valve Assembly - 24v 5-30035

Part No. 5-30035
£86.13 exc VAT
Lift Ram Standard (41) ACC25444

Part No. ACC25444 (PLS)
£221.73 exc VAT
Roll Off Ramp Cylinder ACC26295

Part No. ACC26295 (PLS)
£144.84 exc VAT
Crash Valve   ACC25569

Part No. ACC25569 (PLS)
£42.28 exc VAT
Tilt Cylinder  CSD06.090.40.0190

Part No. CSD06.090.40.0190 (dhollandia)
RRP £764.26£726.05 exc VAT
Lift Ram CH32.080.40.0230.B

Part No. CH32.080.40.0230.B (dhollandia)
RRP £815.59£774.81 exc VAT
Seal Kit  DSE070.35

Part No. DSE070.35 (dhollandia)
RRP £26.43£25.11 exc VAT
Ram Seal Kit 73308

Part No. 73308
RRP £60.05£52.54 exc VAT
Cylinder Head  M4230.040.AG

Part No. M4230.040.AG (dhollandia)
RRP £90.95£86.40 exc VAT
Cylinder Repair Kit 21829

Part No. 21829 (Ricon)
£67.16 exc VAT
Seal Kit  31274TL

Part No. 31274TL (Zepro)
RRP £96.75£87.08 exc VAT
Ram Seal Kit 31992TL

Part No. 31992TL (Zepro)
RRP £140.15£126.14 exc VAT
Seal Kit  DSE050.35

Part No. DSE050.35 (Dhollandia)
RRP £22.53£21.40 exc VAT
Piston with Seals  M4435.070

Part No. M4435.070 (Dhollandia)
RRP £43.86£41.67 exc VAT
Ram Seal Kit 4474-001-6

Part No. 4474-001-6 (Ratcliff)
RRP £23.26£22.10 exc VAT
Ram Seal Kit 4695-460-7

Part No. 4695-460-7 (Ratcliff)
RRP £60.51£57.48 exc VAT
Ram Gaitor ø90mm AN569021

Part No. AN569021
RRP £15.36£14.59 exc VAT
Ram Leak Off Pipe ANPIPE6mm

RRP £2.05£1.41 exc VAT
Roll Pin for Ram Head 78667

Part No. 78667
RRP £0.69£0.60 exc VAT
Lift Ram CH37.070.40.0310

Part No. CH37.070.40.0310
RRP £617.13£586.27 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE060.35

Part No. DSE060.35
RRP £23.48£22.31 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE070.35.C

Part No. DSE070.35.C
RRP £29.38£27.91 exc VAT
Piston Kit Standard ACC27563

Part No. ACC27563
£69.95 exc VAT
Protective Ram Tube 101127092

Part No. 101127092
RRP £16.26£15.04 exc VAT
Flow Restrictor 101118934

Part No. 101118934
Call for price
Hydraulic Cylinder Protector 1134658

Part No. 1134658
RRP £9.80£9.31 exc VAT
Lift Cylinder with Protective Tube 1350167

Part No. 1350167
RRP £566.27£537.96 exc VAT
REP15 Lift Ram Seal Kit AN107121

Part No. AN107121
RRP £73.95£70.25 exc VAT
F3 Tilt Ram Seal Kit AN108558

Part No. AN108558
RRP £57.01£54.16 exc VAT
Gas Spring AN349141

Part No. AN349141
RRP £136.10£129.30 exc VAT
Gas Spring Bracket AN550752

Part No. AN550752
RRP £22.79£21.65 exc VAT
Ram Bush 54645

Part No. 54645
RRP £18.32£16.03 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE040.30

Part No. DSE040.30
RRP £25.40£24.13 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE060.30

Part No. DSE060.30
RRP £26.85£25.51 exc VAT
Seal Kit DSE090.40

Part No. DSE090.40
RRP £33.28£31.62 exc VAT
Ram Piston with Seals M4435.060

Part No. M4435.060
RRP £47.75£45.36 exc VAT
Ram Gaitor M4917

Part No. M4917
RRP £16.95£16.10 exc VAT
Tube Retraction Cylinder M5205.1450

Part No. M5205.1450
RRP £146.05£138.75 exc VAT
Ram Valve Coil - 24v 4745-010-0

RRP £54.46£51.74 exc VAT
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