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Hinged Ramps & Related Parts

As Officially Appointed Parts Distributors for the UK's Tail Lift & Shutter Manufacturers, we sell Low Priced Genuine Parts – Guaranteed!

Please note that all Genuine Parts come with the Manufacturers Guarantees, Technical Support & Quality Assurances. This means no compromise on Performance or Safety, just Quality Parts at Low Prices for your complete peace of mind.

The items listed on this page represent a very small selection of our Stock Holding. If you cannot see the item that you require please call our friendly and experienced Parts Advisors on 01482 504444.

For bulk order enquiries please call us on 01482 504444.

We can help get your vehicles back on the road FASTER!

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Side Ramp Pocket L/H 13546/002

Part No. 13546/002 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £56.10£50.49 exc VAT
Side Ramp Pocket R/H 13547/002

Part No. 13547/002 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £56.19£50.57 exc VAT
Side Ramp Sliding Block 13549

Part No. 13549 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £84.55£76.10 exc VAT
RFJ Hinge Pin Kit 16679

Part No. 16679 (Ricon)
£37.73 exc VAT
TLE slide housing anchor 18615

Part No. 18615 (Ross & Bonnyman)
RRP £28.80£25.92 exc VAT
Ramp Rivets 2041-001-7

Part No. 2041-001-7
RRP £2.25£2.00 exc VAT
CSK SOC Screw M8x30 (Alu Ramp) 2160-004-8

Part No. 2160-004-8
RRP £0.93£0.88 exc VAT
Retaining Block 3357-159-0

Part No. 3357-159-0
RRP £10.03£9.53 exc VAT
Side Ramp Wedge 3412-041-1

Part No. 3412-041-1
RRP £65.31£62.04 exc VAT
Hinge Slider (Lazer Cut) Steel 3426-017-5

Part No. 3426-017-5
RRP £45.04£42.79 exc VAT
Hinge Ramp Link Plate 3576-020-9

Part No. 3576-020-9 (Ratcliff)
RRP £19.41£18.44 exc VAT
X Ramp Linkage R/H Fab 4041-006-5

Part No. 4041-006-5
RRP £380.27£361.26 exc VAT
X Ramp Linkage L/H Fab 4041-007-4

Part No. 4041-007-4
RRP £176.62£167.79 exc VAT
Socket Casting (Aluminium Platform) 4041-058-5

Part No. 4041-058-5
RRP £67.05£63.70 exc VAT
Hinged Ramp Assembly (Aluminium) 4074-173-9

Part No. 4074-173-9 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £561.27£533.21 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge M2000.D

Part No. M2000.D
RRP £39.01£37.06 exc VAT
Aluminium Hinged Ramp MV0312.1000.380.800

Part No. MV0312.1000.380.800
RRP £257.11£244.25 exc VAT
Fixation Bracket Hinge MV1517.1

Part No. MV1517.1
RRP £92.00£87.40 exc VAT
Fixation Bracket MV1517.2

Part No. MV1517.2
RRP £124.63£118.40 exc VAT
Hinge Swing Point Steel MV1546.065

Part No. MV1546.065
RRP £24.31£23.09 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge 59mm MV1577.B

Part No. MV1577.B
RRP £59.47£56.50 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge Set MV1577.B.S

Part No. MV1577.B.S
RRP £92.17£87.56 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge Bar MV1588.046.410.C

Part No. MV1588.046.410.C
RRP £59.47£56.50 exc VAT
Hinge Swing Point L/H MV1612.L

Part No. MV1612.L
RRP £88.15£83.74 exc VAT
Hinge Swing Point R/H MV1612.R

Part No. MV1612.R
RRP £88.15£83.74 exc VAT
Weld-on Ramp Cover 958mm 3666-162-8

Part No. 3666-162-8 (Ratcliff)
£3.11 exc VAT
RTFS Pin Kit 4101-410-5

Part No. 4101-410-5
RRP £16.70£11.50 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge M2000

Part No. M2000
RRP £32.79£31.15 exc VAT
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