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Labels (incl SWL Plates)

As Officially Appointed Parts Distributors for the UK's Tail Lift & Shutter Manufacturers, we sell Low Priced Genuine Parts – Guaranteed!

Please note that all Genuine Parts come with the Manufacturers Guarantees, Technical Support & Quality Assurances. This means no compromise on Performance or Safety, just Quality Parts at Low Prices for your complete peace of mind.

The items listed on this page represent a very small selection of our Stock Holding. If you cannot see the item that you require please call our friendly and experienced Parts Advisors on 01482 504444.

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Operating Instructions V Lifts EF0548

Part No. EF0548 (Dhollandia)
RRP £7.72£7.33 exc VAT
Load Centre Diagram Sticker 1500kg - 3000kg  EF0518.B

Part No. EF0518.B (Dhollandia)
RRP £5.60£5.32 exc VAT
Load Centre Diagram Sticker 300kg - 1000kg  EF0517.B

Part No. EF0517.B (Dhollandia)
RRP £5.50£5.23 exc VAT
Operating Instructions Decal EF0510

Part No. EF0510 (Dhollandia)
RRP £5.79£5.50 exc VAT
Safety Sticker RM EF0502.L

Part No. EF0502.L (Dhollandia)
RRP £4.45£4.23 exc VAT
Safety Sticker SM EF0501.L

Part No. EF0501.L (Dhollandia)
RRP £4.74£4.50 exc VAT
Operating Instructions Tuck away Lifts AN576204

Part No. AN576204 (Anteo)
RRP £11.72£11.13 exc VAT
Safety Plate - Yellow Danger AN576122

Part No. AN576122 (Anteo)
RRP £23.60£22.42 exc VAT
Access Document Sticker Pack (SPA) ACC25130

Part No. ACC25130 (PLS)
£30.61 exc VAT
Isolate Power Decal 75771

Part No. 75771 (DEL)
RRP £3.98£3.48 exc VAT
1000kg Decal and Flag Kit 74405

Part No. 74405 (DEL)
RRP £41.71£36.49 exc VAT
Decal Kit 74403

Part No. 74403 (DEL)
RRP £41.71£36.49 exc VAT
Urgent Warning Label 72772

Part No. 72772 (DEL)
RRP £3.99£3.50 exc VAT
Side Marker Decal 72292

Part No. 72292 (DEL)
RRP £5.93£5.19 exc VAT
Keep Feet Clear Decal 72290

Part No. 72290 (DEL)
RRP £3.99£3.49 exc VAT
Preventative Maintenance Decal 72285

Part No. 72285 (DEL)
RRP £3.99£3.49 exc VAT
Ratcliff Name Plate CE Large 4831-375-4

Part No. 4831-375-4 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £18.63£17.70 exc VAT
Controls Label 4831-416-3

Part No. 4831-416-3 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £2.86£2.72 exc VAT
L.S.D. Sticker 4831-041-4

Part No. 4831-041-4 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £2.75£2.62 exc VAT
1500kg SWL Plate  4831-015-1

Part No. 4831-015-1 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £2.68£2.55 exc VAT
ID Plate Kit 4831-388-8

Part No. 4831-388-8 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £43.79£41.60 exc VAT
2000kg SWL Label 4831-017-2

Part No. 4831-017-2 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £3.24£3.08 exc VAT
Safety Label - Commercial Lifts 4831-106-2

Part No. 4831-106-2 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £9.90£9.41 exc VAT
Commercial Label Set 4831-1066-2

Part No. 4831-1066-2 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £32.68£31.05 exc VAT
Platform Opening Sticker 4831-307-8

Part No. 4831-307-8 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £3.49£3.32 exc VAT
350kg SWL Label 4831-919-1 **Special Offer**

Part No. 4831-919-1 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £11.22£5.41 exc VAT
Label Operating Instructions 4831-109-6

Part No. 4831-109-6 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £5.95£5.65 exc VAT
Access Operations Document Board  ACC25130/DB

Part No. ACC25130/DB (PLS)
£41.90 exc VAT

£21.25 exc VAT
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