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Special Offers

As Officially Appointed Parts Distributors for the UK's Tail Lift & Shutter Manufacturers, we sell Low Priced Genuine Parts – Guaranteed!

Please note that all Genuine Parts come with the Manufacturers Guarantees, Technical Support & Quality Assurances. This means no compromise on Performance or Safety, just Quality Parts at Low Prices for your complete peace of mind.

The items listed below are only a small selection of the parts that we currently have on Special Offer and we also offer even bigger savings for quantity purchases and to account holders. 

If you have any queries or require any further assistance please call our experienced and friendly Parts Advisors on 01482 504444 or email us on info@parts4taillifts.com


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24v Motor 60020-02-HYD

Part No. 60020-02-HYD (DEL)
RRP £462.64£346.98 exc VAT
Ratcliff Chain - 1000kg (6m length to do both sides)  1384-010-7

Part No. 1384-010-7
RRP £376.39£199.99 exc VAT
Ratcliff Chain - 1500kg (6m length to do both sides) 1384-009-2

Part No. 1384-009-2
RRP £423.98£209.99 exc VAT
9/16" Torsion Bar - (yellow) 4464-002-8

Part No. 4464-002-8 SPECIAL OFFER
RRP £76.94£54.63 exc VAT
Hexagonal Torsion Bar 4464-067-1

Part No. 4464-067-1 SPECIAL OFFER
RRP £93.55£78.58 exc VAT
5/8" Torsion Bar 4464-019-8

Part No. 4464-019-8 SPECIAL OFFER
RRP £78.81£57.53 exc VAT
7/16" Torsion Bar -  (white)  5562

RRP £66.09£45.60 exc VAT
Pallet Feet KPF1A

Part No. KPF1A
£1.38 exc VAT
Handheld Spotlight  300 Lumen RT5173

Part No. RT5173
RRP £14.95£8.95 exc VAT
6 Piece 'Pound Thru' Screwdriver Set 40005

Part No. 40005
RRP £37.06£12.31 exc VAT
338 Piece Automotive Electrical Assortment 24314

Part No. 24314
RRP £21.82£10.36 exc VAT
19/32" Torsion Bar 72646 (Black)

Part No. 72646
RRP £74.63£46.53 exc VAT
Tail Lift Leads - 2m long  (Heavy Duty) C03-2M **NEW LOW PRICE!**

Part No. C03-2M
RRP £52.00£27.79 exc VAT
Tail Lift Leads - 2.5m long (Heavy Duty) C03-2.5M **NEW LOW PRICE!**

Part No. C03-2.5M
RRP £56.50£30.69 exc VAT
Anderson Plug 175amp 78220-00

Part No. 78220-00
RRP £13.00£3.39 exc VAT
Tail Lift Lubricant - 400ml  p4tlschainlube

Part No. p4tlschainlube
RRP £9.30£8.84 exc VAT
Platform Flag - Single (with p4tls logo)

Part No. P4-Flag-Single
£0.99 exc VAT
Platform Flag - Pair (with p4tls Logo)P4-Flag-Pair

Part No. P4-Flag-Pair
£1.99 exc VAT
Platform Flag - Single  Flag-singleplain

Part No. Flag-singleplain
£1.98 exc VAT
Platform Flag Kit - Pair [FlagKit-pair]

Part No. FlagKit-pair
£5.99 exc VAT
Shutter 2" Nylon Roller for Whiting & Mobile 3013227-10000

Part No. 3013227-10000
RRP £3.36£1.40 exc VAT
Roller End Hinge - Whiting 3011207-1-030

Part No. 3011207-1-030
RRP £7.41£1.99 exc VAT
End Hinge Roller Holder Clamp - Whiting 3011208-1-000

Part No. 3011208-1-000 (Whiting)
RRP £1.81£1.53 exc VAT
Centre Hinge - Whiting 30115-1-00000

Part No. 30115-1-00000 (Whiting)
RRP £3.29£1.89 exc VAT
Cable 125" - Whiting (Dryfreight Door) 3011-1A000000

Part No. 3011-1A000000
RRP £13.29£5.25 exc VAT
Cable 125" - Whiting (Insulated Doors) 301-1230-0000

Part No. 301-1230-0000
RRP £13.29£5.25 exc VAT
Shutter Counterbalancer Spanner 301-00W940-01

Part No. 301-00W940-01 (Whiting)
RRP £40.32£27.99 exc VAT
Whiting Shutter Lock Assembly 30175-10-0010

Part No. 30175-10-0010 (Whiting)
RRP £169.26£152.33 exc VAT
Shutter End Hinge  771-61000301A

Part No. 771-61000301A
RRP £10.69£3.79 exc VAT
110" Shutter Cable 771-011001104

Part No. 771-011001104 (Mobile)
RRP £10.31£4.79 exc VAT
Mobile Shutter Maximum Security Lock (without keeper) 771-061019901

Part No. 771-061019901 (Mobile Doors)
RRP £92.16£64.95 exc VAT
Mobile Shutter Security Lock Keeper 771-061020701

Part No. 771-061020701 (Mobile Doors)
RRP £23.93£14.75 exc VAT
Test Weights 25kg - LOWEST PRICE!

Part No. Testweight25kg
£39.99 exc VAT
Tail Lift Weight Testing Trailer - 1500kg GW [TLWTT001]

Part No. TLWTT001
£5,499.00 exc VAT
Tail Lift Pressure Test Kit PTK2

Part No. PTK2
RRP £162.95£93.43 exc VAT
Tail Lift Engineer Tool Kit TLEKIT001/D2

Part No. TLEKIT001/D2
£274.99 exc VAT
Power Pack 24v - RSG 5-65094

Part No. 5-65094
Call for price
Brad to Male Cowbell - 2m long (HEAVY DUTY) C01-2M

Part No. C01-2M
RRP £75.00£41.35 exc VAT
Tail Lift Leads - 3m long (Heavy Duty & Flexible) C01-3M)

Part No. C01-3M
RRP £81.50£48.90 exc VAT
Male Cowbell to Croc Clips C02

Part No. C02
RRP £75.00£51.31 exc VAT
Coupling (male) 5804

Part No. 5804
RRP £25.59£15.35 exc VAT
Coupling (female) 5810

Part No. 5810
RRP £28.84£17.30 exc VAT
Battery Cable - flexible 353535

Part No. 35353535
RRP £5.95£2.95 exc VAT
Battery Cable Red (flexible) 3535red

Part No. 3535RED
RRP £5.99£2.95 exc VAT
Gas Spring RUL300A 4465-047-4

Part No. 4465-047-4 (Ratcliff Palfinger)
RRP £178.59£169.66 exc VAT
Dhollandia Platform Marker Flag Kit M3900.DHO.RD

Part No. M3900.DHO.RD
RRP £21.29£20.22 exc VAT
Proximity Switch AN395640

Part No. AN395640
RRP £50.70£40.56 exc VAT
Monobolts 2771-0817A

Part No. 2771-0817A
£0.31 exc VAT
Monobolts 2771-0824A

Part No. 2771-0824A
£0.33 exc VAT
Anteo Power Pack Cover AN541002

Part No. AN541002
RRP £181.90£90.95 exc VAT
Oil Filler Cap - Savery 4082

Part No. 4082
RRP £23.78£5.99 exc VAT
Solenoid Valve - Tuckaway AN495347

Part No. AN495347
RRP £104.00£83.20 exc VAT
Fibreglass Shaft Club Hammer (1.8kg) 30672

Part No. 30672
RRP £16.98£8.07 exc VAT
5 Way Crimping Tool and Terminal Kit 13658

Part No. 13658
RRP £20.26£9.62 exc VAT
Control Box Bracket  E0358

Part No. E0358 (Dhollandia)
RRP £17.77£11.36 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge M2000.C

Part No. M2000.C (Dhollandia)
RRP £35.81£34.02 exc VAT
Pallet Stop Lever M2621.0860

Part No. M2621.0860
RRP £61.55£43.09 exc VAT
Sliding Tube Alu 1250MM (DHSC) M5100.1250

Part No. M5100.1250 (Dhollandia)
RRP £210.66£5.00 exc VAT
Thick Plastic Bush 2024470

Part No. 2024470
RRP £2.80£2.38 exc VAT
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