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Tilt Arm D5 style 700mm 3-102611

Part No. 3-102611
RRP £103.95£49.64 exc VAT
Pivot Arm (Patient lift) 4-101716

Part No. 4-101716
RRP £45.99£28.55 exc VAT
RSG Power Pack Pump - Fenner 1.6cc FF300/16

Part No. FF300/16
RRP £90.08£35.41 exc VAT
RSG Tail Lift Flow Control Valve  HE2000/05

Part No. HE2000/05
RRP £8.37£2.75 exc VAT
N/S Flap Bearing Block 3-102002

Part No. 3-102002
RRP £31.97£22.90 exc VAT
Platform Sockets 3-98023

Part No. 3-98023
RRP £18.32£13.13 exc VAT
Bearing Bush - Brass - (30dx20lg) 4-01371

Part No. 4-01371
RRP £7.76£5.56 exc VAT
Pivot Arm N/S 4-101715

Part No. 4-101715
RRP £46.17£33.07 exc VAT
Tapeswitch patch lead 4-102053

Part No. 4-102053
RRP £18.85£13.50 exc VAT
Pivot Assembly O/S 4-98532

Part No. 4-98532
RRP £21.74£15.57 exc VAT
T/bar Socket 16mm 4-102443

Part No. 4-102443
RRP £32.84£23.52 exc VAT
Clevis Pin 4-95095

Part No. 4-95095
RRP £6.12£0.64 exc VAT
Adaptor Block 4-97760

Part No. 4-97760
RRP £14.26£10.22 exc VAT
N/S Right Pivot Assy 4-98533

Part No. 4-98533
RRP £21.43£15.35 exc VAT
Nylon Block LH (Toe Stowage Cover) 4-101251/L

Part No. 4-101251/L
RRP £30.07£21.54 exc VAT
Rollstop Tray o/s 3-98483

Part No. 3-98483
RRP £94.18£67.46 exc VAT
Trolley Stop Dish 800mm o/s 3-98485

Part No. 3-98485
RRP £56.75£40.65 exc VAT
Bush 30mm lg x 30 od 4-01372

Part No. 4-01372
RRP £8.26£5.92 exc VAT
Nylon Block RH (Toe Stowage Cover) 4-101251/R

Part No. 4-101251/R
RRP £30.07£21.54 exc VAT
Toe Stowage Cover 4-101761

Part No. 4-101761
RRP £164.81£118.04 exc VAT
Hinge Pin (main RS5 style) 4-93072

Part No. 4-93072
RRP £30.66£21.96 exc VAT
Release Valve Assembly  5-12001

Part No. 5-12001
RRP £391.84£280.66 exc VAT
Changeover Valve - Hessleman 5-12002

Part No. 5-12002
RRP £256.81£184.09 exc VAT
Valve- Shut off 5-12024

Part No. 5-12024
RRP £26.61£19.06 exc VAT
Brad Harrison Cable 5-31337

Part No. 5-31337
RRP £47.55£34.06 exc VAT
Platform Corner Cap 5-42001

Part No. 5-42001 (see more info)
RRP £4.68£3.35 exc VAT
Platform Corner Cap 5-42003

Part No. 5-42003 (see more info)
RRP £4.68£3.35 exc VAT
Operating Sticker - RS10 5-61080

Part No. 5-61080
RRP £1.73£1.24 exc VAT
Lift Ram Hose Long 2000mm 4-100725

Part No. 4-100725
RRP £19.15£10.97 exc VAT
Hydraulic Hose 4-101571

Part No. 4-101571
RRP £17.05£12.21 exc VAT
Hydraulic Hose 4-95700

Part No. 4-95700
RRP £13.97£10.01 exc VAT
Hydraulic Hose 5-10001

Part No. 5-10001
RRP £25.03£17.93 exc VAT
Hyd Hose 5-10015

Part No. 5-10015
RRP £12.40£8.88 exc VAT
Sealing Kit HE2000/20

Part No. HE2000/20
RRP £20.35£14.57 exc VAT
Flow Control Valve - Savery 5-65564

Part No. 5-65564
RRP £22.81£16.34 exc VAT
Pivot Assembly O/S 4-98531

Part No. 4-98531
RRP £28.31£20.28 exc VAT
Tet 5-7 Seal 5-60025

Part No. 5-60025
RRP £1.95£0.65 exc VAT
M14x25 HT Set Screw (T/Spring) NB13514/25

Part No. NB13514/25
RRP £1.03£0.74 exc VAT
M16 Plain Washer NB13516/W

Part No. NB13516/W
RRP £0.58£0.03 exc VAT
Power Pack 24v - RSG 5-65094

Part No. 5-65094
Call for price
RSG Relay PCB (Daughter Board) 3-101272

Part No. 3-101272
RRP £31.55£18.08 exc VAT
Mega Fuse - 150amp 5-33025

Part No. 5-33025
RRP £6.81£3.75 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge Profile 4-099731

Part No. 4-099731
£11.66 exc VAT
Return Spring 4-101760

Part No. 4-101760
£4.85 exc VAT
Spring - Roll Stop R.M. RH 4-95931

Part No. 4-95931
£1.37 exc VAT
Spring - Roll Stop R.M. LH 4-95932

Part No. 4-95932
£1.37 exc VAT
Power Pack Hose 4-97574

Part No. 4-97574
£4.69 exc VAT
M10 Special Washer 5-02038

Part No. 5-02038
£0.74 exc VAT
Spirol Pin 5-05007

Part No. 5-05007 (RSG)
£0.04 exc VAT
Roll Stop Kick Peg 5-05008

Part No. 5-05008
£0.08 exc VAT
Hex Hd Set Screw NB13510/16S

Part No. NB13510/16S
£0.17 exc VAT
12v Relay

Part No. 5-31094 (RSG)
RRP £20.24£3.50 exc VAT
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