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Dhollandia Platform Marker Flag Kit M3900.DHO.RD

Part No. M3900.DHO.RD
RRP £21.29£18.10 exc VAT
Dhollandia Isolation Switch Key (Pair of x 2 Keys)E0076

Part No. E0076
RRP £8.36£7.52 exc VAT
Sliding Tube Alu 1250MM (DHSC) M5100.1250

Part No. M5100.1250 (Dhollandia)
RRP £210.66£136.93 exc VAT
Lift Ram CH37.070.40.0290

Part No. CH37.070.40.0290
RRP £569.81£336.19 exc VAT
Control Box Bracket  E0358

Part No. E0358 (Dhollandia)
RRP £17.77£11.36 exc VAT
Relay 12v E0381.12

Part No. E0381.12
RRP £124.59£69.95 exc VAT
2 Button Control Box & Cable  EC5007.02

Part No. EC5007.02
RRP £129.81£90.87 exc VAT
Platform Roller M0337

Part No. M0337 (Dhollandia)
RRP £10.99£8.24 exc VAT
Ramp Hinge M2000.C

Part No. M2000.C (Dhollandia)
RRP £35.81£28.16 exc VAT
Pallet Stop Lever M2621.0860

Part No. M2621.0860
RRP £61.55£43.09 exc VAT
Retraction Tube Attachment M5201

Part No. M5201
RRP £91.29£59.33 exc VAT
Printed Circuit Board E0135

Part No. E0135
RRP £103.95£49.99 exc VAT
Beam to suit Calor Gas SIDE MOUNTED Lift DHOLL-BEAMBOX-9081750

RRP £1,539.22£995.95 exc VAT
Sliding Bracket M1125.225

Part No. M1125.225
RRP £307.41£199.99 exc VAT
Roller ø53mm M0873.53

Part No. M0873.53
RRP £26.87£17.17 exc VAT
FLE Plank with auto rollstops XP.PA.0595.A

Part No. XP.PA.0595.A
RRP £620.03£496.02 exc VAT
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