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Slider Lift Related Parts

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Stow Switch E0261

Part No. E0261 (Dhollandia)
RRP £42.11£40.00 exc VAT
Double Roller Kit  M0873

Part No. M0873 (Dhollandia)
RRP £64.90£61.66 exc VAT
Roller ø53mm M0873.53

Part No. M0873.53
RRP £27.74£17.17 exc VAT
Roller Steel M0873.070.S.S

Part No. M0873.070.S.S (Dhollandia)
RRP £117.03£111.18 exc VAT
Sliding Block DHS M0874.GN

Part No. M0874.GN (Dhollandia)
RRP £27.93£26.53 exc VAT
Ring Roller DHSM M0875.3

Part No. M0875.3
RRP £3.47£3.30 exc VAT
Stow Arm With Rollers M0920.300

Part No. M0920.300
RRP £123.10£116.95 exc VAT
Stow Arm Assembly M0926.D.S

Part No. M0926.D.S (Dhollandia)
RRP £188.99£179.54 exc VAT
Sliding Bracket M1125.225

Part No. M1125.225
RRP £316.77£199.99 exc VAT
Swing Bracket M1312

Part No. M1312
RRP £194.70£184.97 exc VAT
Cover Sliding Tube M1420

Part No. M1420 (Dhollandia)
RRP £8.76£8.32 exc VAT
Cover Sliding Tube M1421

Part No. M1421 (dhollandia)
RRP £8.76£8.32 exc VAT
Washer Rectangular M1680.2

Part No. M1680.2
RRP £9.79£9.30 exc VAT
Fixation Plate M1684

Part No. M1684
RRP £9.79£9.30 exc VAT
Plastic Roller M1986.25

Part No. M1986.25
RRP £34.66£32.93 exc VAT
Guide Synthetic M2501

Part No. M2501
RRP £4.94£4.69 exc VAT
Nylon Sliding Block M2609

Part No. M2609
RRP £27.74£26.35 exc VAT
Sliding Block M2609.B

Part No. M2609.B
RRP £28.35£26.93 exc VAT
Roller M2610.60.30

Part No. M2610.60.30 (dhollandia)
RRP £27.74£26.35 exc VAT
Gear Wheel Rod M2611

Part No. M2611
RRP £285.99£271.69 exc VAT
Sliding Tube Alu 1250MM (DHSC) M5100.1250

Part No. M5100.1250 (Dhollandia)
RRP £217.16£5.00 exc VAT
Slide Tube M5110.2500

Part No. M5110.2500
RRP £465.19£441.93 exc VAT
Tube Retraction Cylinder M5205.1450

Part No. M5205.1450
RRP £137.93£131.03 exc VAT
Stow Bracket M5250.B

Part No. M5250.B
RRP £90.28£85.77 exc VAT
Support platform S259 D 215mm M5262.215.C

Part No. M5262.215.C (dhollandia)
RRP £158.73£150.79 exc VAT
End stop Rear M5306.A

Part No. M5306.A (dhollandia)
RRP £87.30£82.94 exc VAT
End Stop Front M5306.V

Part No. M5306.V (dhollandia)
RRP £87.30£82.94 exc VAT
Gear Wheel Male 102mm - 15 Tooth M5400.102.A

Part No. M5400.102.A (Dhollandia)
RRP £171.19£162.63 exc VAT
Gear Wheel Female 102mm - 15 Tooth M5400.102.B

Part No. M5400.102.B (dhollandia)
RRP £171.19£162.63 exc VAT
Bearing Bush for Gear Wheel M5404

Part No. M5404
RRP £53.23£50.57 exc VAT
Gear rack 1900mm  M5405.1900

Part No. M5405.1900 (Dhollandia)
RRP £84.24£80.03 exc VAT
Slider Tubes Complete (pair) M5110.S.2500.S

Part No. M5110.S.2500.S
RRP £1,031.12£979.56 exc VAT
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